Beijing: Come Explore The Best Of China In Beijing

Beijing which is the official capital of the country China has this place as its center for overall development whether regarding economic, political or even cultural dynamics. It is situated around the areas of China from the northern end that is close to Tianjin-port city and the Hebei Province surrounds it form all other sides. Also, it would be notable as it can be a very efficient form of transportation unit and entry.4

This place was earlier a part of the main six cities present on the land of China. It was because of this inclusion regarding the ancient towns that Beijing became the long-term heart and soul of the happenings in the political forms and is continually changing wherein the curious travelers try exploring the entities of the city. The popularity trend can simply seem by the 4.4 million visitors from foreign origins itself and 140 million of the people who live here.

As soon as we landed in Beijing, we could absorb the culture intertwined with the hustle of the city. Everywhere around was with colors, and we saw people of all professions, all types converged there. We now believed that indeed, Beijing is an evolving city. We saw the best museums of the world, explored the most beautiful galleries and fell short of covering the number of musical venues dotted around the city. Also, we could witness the Chinese Traditional art in its most raw form here. If you are looking to be enthralled more by the Peking Opera and the acrobats in the circus than Beijing is for you.


Places to visit

  • Forbidden City.
  • Temple of Heaven Park.
  • Summer Palace.
  • 798 art district.
  • Tiananmen Square.
  • Lama temple.
  • Bell tower.
  • Chairman Mao memorial hall.

Places to stay in

  • Temple hotel.
  • Great wall box house.
  • City walls, courtyard.
  • Courtyard 7.
  • Opposite the house hotel.
  • Aman at summer palace.

How to reach Beijing?

Being a major city, this is connected via flights from all major cities in China and around the world. Also, the fares to China are considerably lesser when compared to ticket prices to European countries. It is recommended to decide the trip early and book it to avail discounts and price reductions.