Ferrara: The Town Of The Future

If you are planning to visit the northern part of Italy then Ferrara is the one where you must set up the base, just as we did on our Italian vacation a year ago. It is the part of a province which goes by the same name, and this town is famous for its industries which provide the basis of income to its strong population number. This place has had a rich history as far as the country is concerned and the settlers have been living here for more than 2000 years. As soon as we set foot on this soil, we were met with a blend of nature, history, and modernity which although is common to be associated with Italy, still seemed unique for us. We could not spend much time here thanks to the tight schedule, but we did visit some of the places that you have to, and here they are:


  • Castle Estense


If you are looking to capture photos with a castle that resembles straight out of the descriptions in fairy tale books, then this is the place you must go to. It has been standing tall and strong since the medieval times and that is what is hoped to last forever. It has been the symbol of the land and its might for more than a hundred years now. The construction of this spectacle took place somewhere in the 14th century and its architecture is marvelous.


  • Saint George Cathedral


This cathedral resembles any other in the country but it is still beautiful for its sheer elegance and interior design. This has also been standing for centuries and the location in which it stands provides an imposing look to the whole of the town. When you are visiting Ferrara, make sure you do not miss this.