Granada: This Has To Be Your Favorite Destination

When I visited Granada, it instantly became my favorite place in Central America. This beautiful colonial city has way too many tourist attractions that it wouldn’t fail to impress anyone, irrespective of whether you like it simple and calm or adventurous and rough. Being one of the oldest cities, I found it amusing that most of the old buildings remain intact, taken care of by the present generation. The walls of such buildings are colored, with plaster peeling away from the edges. There are horse carts and wooden gates that reminded me of the old days.  

Following what most of the guidebooks recommended, I went to the Masaya Artisan Market with sky-high expectations. I looked forward to seeing unique handicrafts and jewelry, but I was disappointed in finding the same souvenirs that we get everywhere. So I would recommend visiting Masaya’s Mercado Municipal if you’re looking for a genuine shopping experience. It also exposes the local culture of Granada to us.

The next on my bucket list was a visit to the Laguna de Apoyo, the deepest as well as the cleanest lake in Nicaragua. A lake formed in the base of a volcanic crater; it is a calm and serene place which is refreshing to the mind. But there is an entry fee of $6 per head excluding the 15% taxes and the transportation costs, so don’t get going with an empty wallet. F adventure is what you’re looking for, the Lake Nicaragua s your place. I went kayaking paying $15 for one and a half hours, and it was worth every cent.

There are many churches with breathtaking architecture and bell towers that give you the best views. Street performances are a culture here, and the nights were lively during my stay at La Calzada. Granada is the place you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re visiting Central America since it offers almost everything that you’re looking for; a fun-filled yet peaceful vacation.