Guayaquil: If You Are Looking To Spend Your Vacation, The Best, Visit Here

I decided to spend my holidays in Guayaquil, which is the second largest city in Ecuador. I visited here with my wife on our honeymoon vacation.  We so enjoyed staying in the city for my vacation as I could visit different places and do fun activities which took away my stress of daily life and even the thought of it. I visited places like:


  • Parque Historico Guayaquil


This place is about animals and wildlife. It is one of the most favorite places of the tourist. The opening time is 9.00AM and closing time is 4.30PM. I spend my half day, as I enjoyed adoring animals that were there plus some new kind of animals like Macaws, crocs, and Tapirs. After completing my tour in the place, I stopped at the Café Julian for a good coffee.


  • Malecon 2000


It is an amazing place for a walk under the Sun while having a glance of the city. There are statues and Sculptures to witness art and different viewing points to have an overall view of the Malecon. There are small food stales with different categories of food and amazing taste to enjoy during the walk.


  • Las Penas


At the end of the Malecon, there is the entry for Las Penas. It is based on the riverfront and is a really beautiful place to rest at after the good walk. There are clean sitting arrangements with beautiful landscape plus amazing food shops, new condos and other stuff shops.


  • Parque De Las Iguanas


The park is really small that you could mess it in a blink but it is worth visiting. I saw many Iguanas in different shapes and sizes and they were coming close if they were given some vegetables.


  • Hacienda La Danesa Lodge


This place is worth staying the night. I stayed overnight and was welcomed with warmth. I enjoyed various activities and they were tubing in the river and bike-riding.