Leeds: Exploring The City Square Will Take You To Another World

The main area of Leeds is called the city square and this city as a whole is famous for the numerous statues and figures it portrays throughout its streets and arenas. The Leeds Art Gallery is a must visit for any art lover and also the intricately decorated churches are a must visit. Among the statues which this city has, the most famous ones are of Churchill and James Watt. The Leeds City Museum, which is located along the city square, is also extremely famous owing to its departments in particular such as the geology and zoology.

  • If you are a lover of shopping like me, then head to Headrow first which contains a half a mile of attractive shops selling some of the best items from the city. From the Heathrow, you can head to the Westgate and the EastGate which is known in the city for being a cultural hub. If you are a theater fan then you can head to the Playhouse situated at the Westgate and this is the oldest of its kind in the country outside of London.
  • Next up, I would ask you to visit the Royal Armories Collection Museum, which boasts the country’s collection of arms and ammunition. This museum has more than 8000 objects in its vicinity and has weapons which have been in use since 3000 years around across the country and even across the world.
  • The St John’s Church is one of the finest churches in the city and also arguably, the country. If you are an Instagram fan then you would love to visit this place when covered with snow.

All in all, Leeds is a must visit if you are coming to England. We recommend you to stay in this city for at least a week.