Leicester: This City Is Worth A Weekend Trip

I went on a weekend trip with my friend to Leicester. We took a train from London to Leicester, which was an hour’s ride. We explored the city by starting with King Richard which is a brand new venue for the visitors. It is built for the king who was always in controversy and leads through his story of the final days during 1485 and then rediscovering his remains. Also near the square is located, a cathedral containing the remains of Richard III has been buried.

Places to visit

The Guildhall façade appears as if it has come straight out of some book. We then went below the road which is full of Roman ruins. We saw the wall for Jewry. We then went to the church that exhibits various architectural styles. Every street at Leicester seemed to have amazing buildings belonging to the Victorian era.

We also visited the famous building of Thomas Cook made in the honor of the travel legend. After taking a short break at amazing Turkey café, we made our destination as the National Art Galler which had a huge collection of art. There exists a long pedestrianized stretch that was set up in 1785. It has a lot of buildings speaking history to its both the sides.

It is recommended that one would visit this place for at least a week to cover all the attractions. Leicester is also known for its foot – ball crazy fans, so if possible, do try to visit this place during any of their local matches and try to get your tickets so that you can experience the pulse of the crowd. Also, this place is easy to access via all modes of transportation from London so definitely it is worth the visit.