The Beaches Here Are Something You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Costa Rica is not just about the mountain and it provides a healthy dose of the beaches as well, and the best example for the same is Uvita, which is a small village in the part of Costa Rica that is known for its untouched beaches and also for whale – spotting. This is paradise if you want to spend a vacation in a peaceful place. We had a blast when we came here because each and every activity we performed here was fun and the best part is that it was undiscovered. So, it is a great boasting tool for people about their travels and it is these places that you go to that make you a true traveler.

Let us look at what you can do when you visit Uvita,

  • You can walk on the beach and also follow the trail of the Whale.  There is a national park near the beach and when there is low tide at the beach, one section of it looks like the tail of a whale and that is the reason behind the name. It is best if you bring a drone here, also please consult with the authorities for the same, as you can get some pretty cool aerial shots of the tail of the whale. The beach, on the other hand, contains sand that is lighter in color and it is completely untouched. You will feel as if you have entered a private beach exclusively made for you. When we arrived at the place, we took some photos of the mesmerizing landscape around and then immediately went for a swim as we could not resist the clear waters.

  • If you are a fan of snorkeling, then you can visit the Cano Island which is around 90 minutes by boat from Uvita. This is a hidden gem in the world of snorkeling and the best part is that it is not commercialized. We enjoyed the activity to our heart’s content and the guide we got for the same was extremely friendly. You can catch the sights of sea – turtles and a variety of other marine lives.